SPJ Region 1 conference planned

For the LOVE of Journalism

Celebrate your love of journalism and learn new skills for two days in the city where Freedom of the Press got its start during the Society of Professional Journalists Regional 1 Spring Conference.

This year’s conference will take place April 21 and 22 at Temple University in Philadelphia. Visit our website at http://www.spjr1c.org/ or use our hashtag #LoveJournalism.

The theme of the conference reflects both our passion for our chosen profession and a growing public appreciation of how the role of a free press serves in a democracy.

We are in Philadelphia, the “city of brotherly love” where so many of the founding principles of our free press took root – from Benjamin Franklin’s “Poore Richard’s Almanac” to the Constitution and the First Amendment.

We’ll celebrate that history and help chart our own future by offering useful training in multimedia and social media skills that you can put to immediate use in your newsroom or classroom.

Our focus during the Saturday, April 21, sessions at Annenberg Hall will be on the skills you need to know to be a better journalist – including the latest Google tools, KipCamp’s “Dirty Dozen” useful journalism apps and making the jump from print to digital.

We’ll also help you stay current with important stories such as covering sexual harassment and covering the medical and recreational marijuana business.

A First Amendment lawyer will be available to help with free consultations on any press freedom issue you may be encountering. And we’ll take a close look at legislation aimed at expanding press freedom for high school students.

On Sunday, April 22, our focus will broaden to some of the bigger challenges facing journalism today.

We’ll start the day with our Mark of Excellence awards brunch at the Philadelphia Media Network building, where our keynote speaker will be Bill Marimmow, vice president of strategic development for the PMN, which includes The Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com.

On Sunday afternoon, we’ll have a panel discussion on the future of journalism in Philadelphia. We’ll also hear from reporters who’ve covered Bill Cosby’s sex assault trial. And we’ll hear from Signe Wilkinson on how she draws her Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoons.

The weekend will also include some activities that are just for fun – including a walking tour of historic sites in journalism in downtown Philadelphia and, for those who arrive early, a Friday night ball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies.

For more information on other things to see and do visit: http://www.visitphilly.com/

We’ve secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Philadelphia. Reserve at this link: https://aws.passkey.com/event/49584355/owner/12526/home

A word to the wise: The number of conference tickets and hotel rooms is limited. You’ll want to register for both the conference and the hotel as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate. We anticipate this event will be sold out well in advance.

To register for the two day event, go to: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event…

To register for just the Sunday event, go to: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg…

Conference details may be found at: http://www.spjr1c.org/sessions-2018/

See you in Philadelphia,

Jane Primerano, SPJ Region 1 Director, jprim7@netscape.net

Pat Trosky, Keystone SPJ chapter president, pattrosky@gmail.com

John Ensslin, New Jersey SPJ chapter president, johnensselin@gmail.com



Deadline extended to March 2 for Best of Journalism contest

The SPJ Keystone Pro Chapter’s 2018 Best in Journalism contest is now open for submissions and this year, we invited the SPJ New Jersey Chapter to be part of the contest. As part of Region 1, our Keystone chapter and the New Jersey Pro chapter have had a strong relationship in programming and other activities. We have shared news about jobs, what issues the profession has faced and also been invited to many of its seminars.  We hope the new entries into our contest will provide for stronger competition and further bonding with our peers from the Garden State.

The contest may be opened at the link below. The link will also appear on SPJ Keystone’s Facebook page and PNPA’s communication venues.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Pat Trosky at pattrosky@gmail.com or spjkeystone@mail.com.



Need a new job? See below

Below is a list of new openings and the links to the postings and applications for the Inquirer, Philly.com and Daily News. There may also be additional openings in the next couple of weeks – including an inaugural fellowship program I received this from Lexi Bressler, the talent aquisition partner at the Philly papers. She will be out of town for a few weeks but please feel free to apply any positions you feel qualifies for and I will have more info as it becomes available.

Lexi Bressler
Talent Acquisition Partner
Human Resources


Ideas wanted for national conference

Ideas wanted for national conference

While SPJ Keystone chapter along with the SPJ New Jersey chapter are busy planning the Region 1 conference for April 21-22 in Philadelphia, SPJ National is working on the its big event in Baltimore in September. This is an opportunity for many in the northeast to see a national conference in action and take advantage of all the programs and speakers being offered.

As a heads up, anyone who has suggestions for programs or wishes to offer training at the national conference please fill out the form by Jan. 18 by going to the link below: